Bra Sizing

It is very important for every woman to recognize the signs of an ill fitting bra, and to identify the correct bra size for their body. This article shares a few smart tricks for perfect bra sizing.

1. The bra cups should be filled accurately – the breasts should neither overflow from the cup, nor leave a lot of gap in the cup. If they overflow from the cup, it means you should opt for a bra with bigger cups. However, if there is a lot of empty space inside both cups, you need to opt for a bra with smaller sized cups.

2. The center panel of your bra should lay flat upon your body. If there is a lot of gap between your breastbone and the central panel of your bra, then it indicated that the cup size much smaller or that the gap between your breasts is much more than the length of the central panel.

3. The straps of your bra should stay firmly on your shoulders. If they tend to slip off too often, it indicates that you should go for a bra with a different design, in which the straps are designed much closer. The straps should also not pierce into your shoulders. This happens when your bra is very loose fitting, and the load of your breasts is mainly supported by your straps on the shoulders. In this case, you should opt for a bra with a band size smaller than your present one. It will ensure a snug fit and take the pressure off your shoulders.

4. The cup fabric should not shrink with the first wash or expand with continued use. It should be stable to ensure sustained support and shape to your breasts.

5. The bra should not make your breast appear sagged or push them to the sides to hinder free hand movement. Good fitting bras help maintain the correct gap between the two breasts, while gently lifting the breasts to provide a youthful look to your bust.

6. It is advisable to opt for bras with an underwire encircling the cup. It yields a better cup shape and a well-toned appearance to your bust.

7. When you try on the bra for the first time, you should hook on the first set of hooks and never on the last set of hooks, as you may then end up buying a very loose bra. Bras tend to loosen up with continued use, so you can use the next set of hooks to tighten up the bra and provide better support.

8. You should be able to run a finger easily under the front band of your bra. If the bra is too tight, and does not allow you to insert a finger, then you should opt for the next sized bra, with slightly bigger band width. You do not want the bra to be too tight as it may strain your breathing and also lead to incorrect posture.

9. Sometimes, it is difficult to determine if the band size you have chosen is a perfect fit for you or not. During such confusion, it is advisable to sit down and see how you feel. If the bra band is tight, you will immediately know it and then, you can opt for the next size.

These little tricks will help you make a wise choice during bra sizing.

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