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Sexy Bras Canada

Wear this sexy bra if you desire to look feminine and sensual. Made from soft, satin, it is smooth and comfortable. It has lovely geometric and subtle strip patterns and is adorned with a large bow and flounce under the bust. With its fitting bodice and flaring skirt, it is meant to flatter your shape. […]

Fashionable Axami Bra

Fashionable padded Axami lingerie bra in gorgeous violet shades. Beautiful beige bra has cute violet ribbon meeting in the center in a lovely bow. This bra features padding and underwire for gentle support and comfort. Buy online at Lingerie stores website!

Bandeau Bra

Bandeau Bras

Often, full-figured women find it uncomfortable when it comes to wearing that set of minimum clothes while spending some care-free, relaxed time on a hot sunny day in the pool or on a favorite beach. They invariably find it difficult to find a perfect-looking swimwear or bikini to properly project their appearance. So, it is […]

Medela Nursing Bra

Medela Nursing Bras

When you are a new mother, you will experience a frenzied time with tense schedules of taking care of the infant, nursing the baby and taking care of yourself, making you look sapped and saggy. So, for you to stay fit enough both as a mother and a woman, unless you find the ways to […]

Silicone Bra

Silicone Bras

There are two ways of seeking breast enhancement. One is through surgery with water inserts or gel inserts into your breasts by embedding implant shells. The second way is to avoid surgery and wear silicone bras. Apparently, this is an easy and very popular alternative to the surgical method. These are also called as insert […]

Shelf Bra

What is Shelf Bra?

One of the various types of bras is the shelf bra. Shelf bras are generally a type of bra encased in trendy garments where it will be difficult to wear the usual thin-strapped bra. There are two kinds of shelf bra. One is for eroticism; the other is a utility bra. The first type of […]

Gel Bra

Gel Bra

It is natural for any woman to be conscious of her bust-line. She knows the effect of her cleavage. By highlighting her cleavage and projecting the curves of her breasts, she experiences the ‘power’ that Nature has bestowed on her. So, she tends to pay attention to making sure that she looks good at all […]

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