Bandeau Bras

Bandeau Bra

Often, full-figured women find it uncomfortable when it comes to wearing that set of minimum clothes while spending some care-free, relaxed time on a hot sunny day in the pool or on a favorite beach. They invariably find it difficult to find a perfect-looking swimwear or bikini to properly project their appearance. So, it is worthwhile talking about the bandeau bras here.

Bandeau, the strapless garment, is favored by women with big breasts. This is because, fuller women will need swimsuit tops specifically suitable to cover and hold up their heavy assets avoiding the sags and swings. In such situation, the bandeau bra comes to help.

Bandeau tops come in different designs. Some are plain wide straps that wrap around the bust, like a towel. Some are much wider, wrapping around the body passing the underarm. Some will have straight elastic bands on both the edges. Sometimes these edges are embellished. They also come in halter-style with a thin tie that can be fastened at the back of the neck.

Bandeau tops make your shoulder line look wide because the garment bares your collarbone, neck, arms and shoulders, giving your shoulder-line a whole look. This is useful for women with pear-like structure where the width of the bust is narrower than the hip line. In such cases, the bandeaux bra or top gives an illusive look of a balance between wider hip-line and narrower bust-line. Bandeau tops are a huge gain for the hour-glass figures, giving often an erotic look.

Being strapless, bandeaux top is best for small-breasted women. For the big breasted ones, in the absence of straps, the bust weight lacks support and the sag of the breasts become too obvious. You can wear a bandeau bra with any type of sleeveless tops or dresses.

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