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Lilyette Sports Bra

Lilyette Sports Bras

Lilyette sports bras have drawn fairly good reviews. The whole range of bras, the under-wired ones and the ones without under-wire, have impressed a large number of women, who say these bras enable them fully focus on the sport. Lilyette bras come in almost every size upto 40DD These bras one very comfortable feature that […]

Padded Sports Bra

Padded Sports Bra

Sports bra becomes an inevitable protective gear for women who participate in various sports and exercise activities. The reason is, when women take part in high impact sports, their breasts will be bouncing so heavily that it can cause them discomfort, embarrassment, pain or even injury. If the breasts bounce so wildly and regularly, it […]

Plus Size Sports Bra

Plus Size Sports Bra

While most sportswomen merrily for their most important gear, a good looking sports bra, those with large breasts will usually face difficulties in finding what fits them well. First, proper size of bra matters much more to busty women than to those with small breasts of sizes A and B. So, shopping for plus size […]


Sports Bra

Women participating in sports will have more constraints with respect to their attire as compared to men. One vital wear that women will have to pay time and attention is the bra that they wear while playing. Sports bras are designed in view of this requirement. During brisk physical activity such as sports and exercises, […]

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