Types of Bra

Bra designers can be awesomely innovative. There are at least two dozen types of bras to know about. With such a huge range, you can easily find what you need and like. Although one cannot exhaustively list and discuss them here, it is worthwhile to quickly know some of these, at least by their names.

Teen Bra: Meant for teens with budding breasts. This bra helps the girls to get used to wearing bras.

Average Bra and Full-cup Bra: The first one is meant for women with average breast sizes – typically B and C cups; and the second one comes with under-wired cups to support big breasts.

Under-wired Bra: This type gives breasts a nice lift and is especially helpful to those with heavy and sagging breasts.

No-strap Bra: Meant for wearing under strapless gowns and tops.

Convertible One: For the fashion-oriented woman, it can take different forms – conventional one, strapless, halter, backless one, and sometimes even a T-back bra.

Sports Bra: Minimizes breast movement during brisk physical activities like sports. In big-breasted women, the wild sway of breasts can cause pain, embarrassment and even damage the chest ligament. Sports bra helps prevent all these.

T-Shirt Bra: This is casual and comfortable. It looks fantastic under casual T-shirt.

Nursing Bra: Ideally designed for breastfeeding moms.

Classic Bra: The antique style pointy bras, corsets or bustier ones from the 40’s are becoming popular again in recent times.

Sexy Bra: These are lacy, sexy bras to appeal in privacy.

There are other bras like demi-cup, padded, minimizer, maximizer, push-up, in-built, shelf bra, maternity, peephole and many more. In brief, the world of bras is a Wonder World.

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